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Charlottetown mayor orders halt to bottled water


Soon after the province announced a lifting of the can ban, the City of Charlottetown is enacting a ban of its own, this time its on bottled


In a letter to the local branch of the Council of Canadians, Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee said city council recently met to discuss a letter from the group requesting the city switch from using bottled water to tap water.

It was the decision of (city) council that the City of Charlottetown would cease purchasing bottled water, Lee said in the letter.

Bottled water will no longer be permitted in all city premises and workplaces and all city council and committee meetings.

Leo Broderick of the Council of Canadians said he is very pleased with the citys decision.

Its wonderful news. Theyve been spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on bottled water for the last few years, so this is good.

Broderick said its sending a message that the mayor and city councillors are saying municipal water is safe to drink.

Theyre also saying its clear that bottled water causes a severe strain on the environment.

The Council of Canadians now hopes the city will begin a public education campaign to convince all city residents to use tap water instead of buying bottled water, he said.

I think we need to continue putting the pressure on other municipalities and the provincial government if its purchasing bottled water to cease that practice and to use tap water. Municipal water systems are safer than bottled water. The standards are higher.

If the politicians are not drinking city water, it sends a bad message, he said.

I think this shows that the city is sincere about dealing with the issue and ensuring the message gets out that its water system is safe.

There is a lack of confidence now about the Islands water, given the fact that nitrates contaminate some water systems, he said.

But municipal systems check on a regular basis for contamination, and one of the things that they do check for are nitrates.

Broderick said Charlottetown might be the first city in Canada to ban bottled water and that Vancouver is also considering a ban.

Its quite controversial out there, as well.

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