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Stratford will provide collection container to help keep trails litter-free

File shot of Stratford Town Hall
Stratford Town Hall. - SaltWire Network

The Town of Stratford is providing support to residents’ efforts to clean its beaches and trails.

The town has been working co-operatively with Bob Jensen, who was recently in the news with an initiative called Hike and Bag.

Jensen has been challenging other users of beaches and trails to bring along a garbage bag with them when they go for a walk and to collect the garbage they come across in an effort to keep it out of waterways.

One of the challenges identified was how to dispose of the bags of garbage collected by Jensen and others from area beaches and trails.

The town has agreed to provide a collection container, which will be located in a public, accessible location for volunteer participants to access and be able to dispose of the bags of trash collected. The container will have a lock on it with access given to any resident who registers with the town as a participant in the beach and trail clean-up initiative. The town will maintain and empty the container as needed.

Anyone interested in signing up can email and Twitter users are encouraged to use the hashtag #HikeandBag the next time they are cleaning up on the Island.

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