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Slight increase at the pumps on P.E.I. Sept. 20

Gas prices on P.E.I. went up 3.4 cents today.
Gas prices on P.E.I. went up 2.5 cents today. - 123RF Stock Photo

The cost of gas at the pumps on P.E.I. went up by 2.5 cents per litre (cpl) overnight.

The new price, including taxes, for regular unleaded gasoline at self-serve outlets will now range from 117.4 cpl to 118.6 cpl.

Diesel prices also increased by 2.5 cpl, meaning the cost for self-serve diesel will range from 129.1 cpl to 130.3 cpl.

Furnace oil prices will increase by 3.0 cpl. Including taxes, the maximum price for furnace oil is 99.4 cpl.

There will be no change in propane prices at this time.

All petroleum prices took effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 20.

For current petroleum prices visit The commission’s next scheduled price adjustment is Sept. 27.

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