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Researchers seeking Prince Edward Islanders with breast cancer for exercise program

A new exercise training program is starting.
A new exercise training program is starting. - Contributed

Researchers from UPEI’s Active Living Lab are seeking people with breast cancer, or who have previously had breast cancer, to participate in a 12-week exercise-training program. Participants will perform a supervised exercise-training program, based on their fitness, skill level, and personal interests.

Participants must have been previously diagnosed with breast cancer. The program runs 12 weeks starting the week of Jan. 8. Participants will receive a fitness test the first and last week of the program, separated by 12 weeks of supervised aerobic and strength training.

All exercise will take place in the Active Living Lab spaces in UPEI’s Steel Building. Parking is free. No previous experience is necessary.

For more information, or to sign up, contact Travis Saunders at

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