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Research into extension for Summerside's Pope Road back on track

Pope Road doesn’t quite meet the Pope Road extension and traffic must dog-leg up Central Street for a short distance. The City of Summerside has committed money to update plans.
Pope Road in Summerside. - SaltWire file photo

The City of Summerside’s efforts to improve the Pope Road Extension continue after a slight delay thanks to hurricane Dorian. 

City staff are gathering data on the intersection of Pope Road and Central Street in preparation of giving council some options on how to improve it. 

Part of the work involves recording traffic movement through the intersection over the course of several average volume days.

However, hurricane Dorian damaged the traffic lights at the extension, which delayed the recording by a few days. 

The data has since been collected and planning for the improvement of the intersection continues.  

Pope Road Extension has been a frequent complaint of Summerside motorists as the unusual layout of the intersection tends to create traffic backlogs. 

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