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Officials investigate Borden-Carleton rink odours

Gateway Arena
Gateway Arena - Facebook photo

Air quality in Gateway Arena is fine, according to sample readings conducted by the province and local firefighters.

At its Feb. 11 meeting, Borden-Carleton council heard several residents had smelled propane to varying degrees while in the canteen area recently.

One complaint was made to the Department of the Environment about the propane odour, confirmed chief administrative officer Wendy McIsaac.

Borden-Carleton firefighters used the department’s gas detector look for unusual levels. After several tests at various locations around the arena, they did not detect carbon monoxide or propane anywhere in the arena, even when they could smell propane. 

“Not one thing showed up,” said Coun. Larry Allen, who is also a volunteer firefighter.

“We checked everything 100 per cent and it was all zero.”

These results were confirmed by the province. Their equipment is a little better than the fire department’s and they conduct the tests all the time, said Allen. To have the results match is reassuring.

“That’s what we like to hear,” said Allen.

Propane is used in the canteen kitchen and as fuel in the ice cleaner.

Borden-Carleton recreation director Holly Bernard worked with Occupational Health and Safety to ensure visitors and staff were safe. Allen said no one felt unwell after spending time in the arena.

One of the rink staff carries a carbon monoxide detector with him, and it has always shown safe air as well, said Allen.

The propane supplier tested for leaks in the propane tank and fuel lines, with nothing out of the ordinary. The ice-cleaner exhaust was also tested at a local garage and was not the cause of the odour. 

Borden-Carleton officials have decided to replace the facility's propane tank as a proactive measure. 

Ultimately, provincial testing found the air was safe and the arena will continue to operate as usual.

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