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Culinary connection on P.E.I.

Atlantic Superstore on University Avenue in Charlottetown.
Atlantic Superstore on University Avenue in Charlottetown. - Contributed

Atlantic Superstores in P.E.I. are encouraging Islanders to “eat together” this Friday.

Both Charlottetown locations, as well as Superstores in Summerside and Montague, will be holding free barbecues as part of President’s Choice third annual “Eat Together Day.”

Angela Dawson, registered dietitian at Atlantic Superstore locations in P.E.I., said eating together has been proven to help people choose more nutritious meals, support early childhood development and builder stronger interpersonal relationships.

“We know that sharing meals is good for us in so many ways, and that it strengthens bonds between families, friends and communities,” said Dawson.

The new Canada’s Food Guide, released in January, also states that food is an integral part of social interactions and celebrations and that eating together can help to reinforce positive eating habits.

The company said more than 500,000 Canadians have taken part in Eat Together Day and encouraged others to pledge their commitment to sit down at the table and eat with others at

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