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Pit party beating in Miscouche leads to jail time for two East Prince men


Two Prince County men have been sentenced to jail time in relation to a moonshine-fueled assault that happened at a party in a pit, behind a gun range, in Miscouche.

Terrance Timothy Thomas Rogers, 23, of Summerside and Drake Daniel Shields, 22, of St. Raphael, both recently pleaded guilty in Summerside Provincial Court to a single count each of assaulting the same man.

Both Rogers and Shields were sentenced to 45 days in jail and both received permission to serve their time intermittently.

The incident happened on June 3, 2017, during a pit party on the MacLean Road, behind the gun range there.

The facts read in court note that police, after interviewing witnesses, found various conflicting accounts of exactly what happened the night of the assault.

They were, however, able to piece together that the male victim drove up to the party and was immediately confronted by an intoxicated Shields.

The men exchanged words through the open window of the victim’s vehicle.

At one point Shields reached into the vehicle through the window but his fingers got trapped when the driver rolled up the glass. Shields and Rogers, who was also by the vehicle at this point, started beating on the window in an attempt to free Shield’s hand.

Some accounts of the incident indicated that the victim put the vehicle in reverse and started to move while Shields was still trapped, but that the vehicle did not move far before it was stopped and the window put down.

There were reportedly blows thrown by Shields through the open window and again by he and Rogers when the driver got out of his vehicle.

The victim was eventually loaded into another person’s vehicle and driven to hospital. His subsequent examination records showed he suffered a concussion and various other head injuries. 

Shields later told police he reached out to the victim on social media to apologize for what happened.


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