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Parking generates $730K for Charlottetown so far in 2018

["All of Charlottetown's parking meters are now smartcard compatible. Each has been outfitted with these numbered yellow stickers."]

The City of Charlottetown has generated close to $730,000 so far this year from those who park in the downtown.

According to the city’s monthly financial statement in June, parking meters have generated $442,500 so far in 2018 while parking garages have pulled in $287,154.

According to the city’s 15-month budget brought down earlier this year, the municipality expects to generate $1,162,500 with the meters through March of 2019 while the garages are budgeted to make $868,750.

By comparison, the city pulled in $356,436 at the parking meters by this time last year and $268,048 at the garages.

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