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Motorists violating rules of the road at a number of Charlottetown intersections

Charlottetown Police Services. -File
Charlottetown Police Services. -File

Charlottetown police issued six tickets in the month of May at Beach Grove Road and Maypoint Road for moving violations (non-speeding).

Moving violations (non-speeding) could be anything from distracted driving, going the wrong way on a one-way street to running a red light or stop sign.

Coming in second were five tickets issued at the Douglas Street/Queen Street intersection and on Walker Drive.

Third was a tie with four tickets issued at the Belvedere Avenue/Queen Street intersection and the McGill Avenue/Ambrose Street intersection.

In fourth place was Spring Lane with three tickets issued.

Rounding out the top five, at two tickets each, were Kent Street/Great George Street, Kent Street/Queen Street, Kirkwood Drive/Trafalgar Street, Northridge Parkway, Queen Street/Wendy Drive and Weymouth Street/Grafton Street.

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