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Most tolls for Confederation Bridge will increase in 2018

Confederation Bridge.
Confederation Bridge. - Nathan Rochford

BORDEN-CARLETON, P.E.I. – It will cost at least a quarter more for most to cross the Confederation Bridge in the new year.

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the round-trip toll for two-axle vehicles increases 50 cents to $47. There is no change to the $8 cost for each additional axle.

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Motorcyclists will pay $18.75, an increase of 25 cents, while pedestrians will also be charged and extra quarter at $4.50.

There was no change for cyclists, who will continue to pay a $8.75 toll.

Strait Crossing Development Inc. - which operates the bridge between Borden-Carelton, P.E.I., and Cape Jourmain, N.B. – says the toll increases were calculated and determined in accordance with the Bridge Operating Agreement with the federal government.

Under the Agreement, the bridge operator is entitled to adjust toll rates to inflation every Jan. 1 by an amount not exceeding 75 per cent of the increase in the Consumer Price Index year over year.


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