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Young impaired driver pays hefty price in P.E.I. court


A judge told a young man with a graduated licence he will pay dearly for driving impaired.

The cost to Matthew Cameron Miller, 18, will come in several forms for failing a breath test.

First, Chief Judge Nancy Orr in provincial court in Geogetown slapped him with a $1,000 fine recently after Miller pleaded guilty to the offence.

Second, she noted Miller can brace for his car insurance to take a dramatic hike. But he will not need to deal with that for some time as Orr imposed a two-year driving prohibition.

“Think about that for the next two years when you’re walking to places,’’ said Orr.

The judge also sentenced Miller to seven days in jail.

Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act in P.E.I. in September 2017 extended the zero-tolerance period for blood-alcohol so it applies to all new graduated licence drivers 22 years of age and under.

Beginner drivers in P.E.I. must follow a graduated driver licensing (GDL) system before a standard Class 5 driver’s license will be issued. It takes a minimum of three years to fully complete the three-stage GDL program, which gradually moves licensed drivers into higher risk driving situations after gaining experience in lower risk situations.

Police were called at 1:45 a.m. to a collision in Pisquid East on Oct. 27.

Miller was lying in the back of his vehicle. A passenger, who was not hurt, had fled the scene.

Miller told police he had consumed five alcoholic beverages.

He was taken to hospital to be treated for head injuries.

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