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Woman tells P.E.I. court she wants help

Scales of justice.
P.E.I. woman asks court for help, judge assigns probation to allow her to access resources. - 123RF Stock Photo

A P.E.I. woman who was caught with someone who was under a court order to have no contact with her was recently given a suspended sentence.

Chelsey Lee Bernard, 19, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where she pleaded guilty to participating in a probation breach.

The court heard the police responded to a complaint on Feb. 21 at the McDonald’s in Stratford involving a man who was on probation that included a condition he have no contact with Bernard.

They found Bernard hiding in the restaurant’s bathroom.

Defence lawyer Alex Dalton told the court Bernard was under the impression at the time that the two had permission to be together that day.

Dalton said Bernard suffers from anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Before hearing her sentence, Bernard addressed the court to say she would like to try to get herself some help.

With the suspended sentence, Douglas gave Bernard one year of probation, which he said was not meant as a punishment, but to hopefully get her the help she needs.

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