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UPDATE: Environment Canada says P.E.I. could see a 'typical early winter system' this weekend

It looks like a mix of snow, rain and strong winds could hit P.E.I. this weekend.

“We are pretty confident that a lot of areas in the Maritimes will be affected,” said Jeff Hilliard, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, in an interview with The Guardian Thursday evening.

“It’s just tough to say exactly the timeline of when and how.”

A trough of low-pressure is expected to develop south of the Maritimes early Saturday morning. During the day, a low-pressure system is expected to develop within this trough and track northward to lie over the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence by Sunday evening.

At this time, there remains some uncertainty in the intensity and track of this low-pressure system.

“We are not seeing a lot of consistency with the weather models, so it’s tough to really get into specifics about it,” said Hilliard. “We do know it’s a typical early winter system with mixed precipitation.”

Current information suggests that precipitation will begin as a mix of snow and rain before changing over to snow. In addition to potential snowfall warning accumulation, strong northeasterly winds may develop over the province this weekend.

“Some models are indicating this could be a system earlier in the day Saturday, and some are indicating this isn’t going to start until (Saturday) night, so it would be more of a Sunday event.”

Minor changes in the intensity or track of this system will considerably impact the precipitation type and accumulation, wind strength and the potential for higher than normal water levels for exposed coastal regions of the province.

Temperatures will be hovering around zero.

The public is advised to monitor subsequent forecasts and statements as warnings may be issued as new information becomes available.

“It’s sure to say we are keeping our eye on this, and we will be able to hash out some more details (Friday),” said Hilliard.

“It’s probably not going to be a good weekend for long drives and that kind of thing.”





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