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Trivers holds on to Rustico-Emerald

Brad Trivers
Brad Trivers hangs on to District 18 Rustico-Emerald. - Contributed

Incumbent Tory hangs on to District 18 seat

Brad Trivers flipped the traditionally Liberal District 18 to Tory blue in the 2015 election, and Tuesday night he held on to his seat.

District 18 Rustico-Emerald covers the central portion of P.E.I.’s north shore and down to Shamrock in the south and Freetown in the west.

“I’m in sort of the best position you can possibly be in. I’m a one-term, opposition MLA incumbent,” Trivers said on election day. “And I’ve been working hard for my constituents.”

At the doors, Trivers said he heard about the lack of family doctors and the wait times in the emergency room and for specialists.

He’s in favour of tele-rounding medicine and, according to his unofficial survey at the doors, his constituents were as well.

Island roads were another hot topic Trivers heard about – Church Road in his district is closed right now. Grahams Road has been closed in the past.

“It’s been a struggle in these large rural districts where we have lots of roads to deal with the limited road budget,” he said.

Between two and four kilometers get paved each year, depending on the price of asphalt, said Trivers.

He’d like to see up to eight or nine for a few years and then settle in at the five-kilometre mark.

Trivers knows Islanders value community involvement. Only two of the four candidates live in the district.

“They’re a great group of communities that I represent, and I try to be involved in the communities. I think that’s what people are looking for. They want someone who understands the community.”

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