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Transport truck filled with potatoes tips Sept. 19 while navigating Albany Y

Flare set by teens Saturday night ignited merchandise and caused extensive structural damage inside and outside the Nanaimo store, say RCMP.
An RCMP cruiser. - SaltWire file photo

A transport truck carrying a full load of potatoes rolled on the Albany Y on Thursday, closing the roadway for several hours.

The crash happened at around 5 p.m. on Route 1A.

The driver of the truck was heading east from Borden-Carleton and took the off-ramp toward Summerside. However, it is suspected that the vehicle’s load shifted and tipped the truck over as it turned to go through the overpass.

The driver of the truck was the only person in the vehicle and he was not injured.  

It took several hours to completely clean up the scene. The potatoes spilled out onto the roadway and heavy equipment had to be brought in to clear both the spuds and lift the truck back onto the road.

The RCMP is still investigating the incident.

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