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Tories push P.E.I. premier on Northern Pulp issue

Premier Wade MacLauchlan gets ready for yesterday’s proceedings of the legislative assembly ahead of the oppositions questions about his connections to a company that received a contract to provide home care in P.E.I.
Premier Wade MacLauchlan

With the capital budget being released today, it was a mixture of issues during question period in the legislature in Charlottetown. 

Oppposition Leader James Aylward began with pushing the province to commit funding for the proposed Stratford sewage project. 

Sewage is set to be pumped through a pipe to the wastewater plant in Charlottetown, but the project has been delayed due to the fact the tender came in higher than expected. 

Aylward tried to ask Premier Wade MacLauchlan whether the province will still foot 25 per cent of the overall bill. 

Transportation Minister Paula Biggar took the question, saying the province is still on board as a funding partner but she didn’t commit to the 25 per cent figure. 

Opposition MLA Darlene Compton then pushed the premier on the Northern Pulp pipe, saying effluent will now be pumped out near the ferry terminal in Pictou. 

MacLauchlan said the province’s concerns have been stressed to the Nova Scotia and federal governments. 

Opposition MLA Colin Lavie wanted to know why farmers have to go to the media to get rural roads repaired. 

Bigger said they make improvements where necessary. 

Liberal MLA Kathleen Casey asked about the Cornwall bypass. 

Biggar said the project is ahead of schedule and under budget. 

And, opposition MLA voiced concerns about the need to dredge the Malpeque harbour. He said it fills in weeks after it is dredged and it’s affecting the fishery.

Agriculture Minister Robert Henderson acknowledged the issue, saying it’s difficult to keep it clear with only five dredges in the region. 

He said the DFO have looked into creating a new harbour.

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