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Top five speed traps in Charlottetown for January

One P.E.I. driver went through a Mount Mellick spot check at 152 km/h on Thursday.
Charlottetown police nabbed the most speeders in January around UPEI. -File photo

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Charlottetown police nabbed the most speeders in January on University Avenue by UPEI.

A total of 23 tickets were handed out at McKinnon Road, making it the biggest speed trap in the city for the month.

In fact, the general area of the UPEI campus saw police issue 40 additional speeding tickets, including 16 at University Avenue and Enman Crescent and 10 at University Avenue at Browns Court.

On the Charlottetown bypass highway, between St. Peters Road and Brackley Point Road, 22 speeding tickets were issued.

North River Road, at Inkerman Boulevard, saw 16 speeders nabbed.

Rounding out the list was Pine Drive, at Maple Avenue, with eight tickets were issued.

Other areas of note include Mount Edward Road, where 13 tickets were issued, Lower Malpeque Road where six tickets were issued and North River Road with 18 tickets.

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