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Threatening officers earns Scotchfort man jail time


CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. -  A Scotchfort man with a lengthy criminal record has pleaded guilty to uttering a threat to two police officers and assaulting a gas station employee.

Andrew Fitzgerald Levi was sentenced Dec. 10 to 45 days for uttering a threat to a police officer on Aug. 18. He was also sentenced to 45 days for uttering a threat to a second police officer on the same day, but that sentence will be served concurrently.

Levi uttered the threats when police were called to the Scotchfort reserve out of concern for the safety of Levi, who was intoxicated and standing in the middle of a road.

Levi was sentenced to 15 days for assaulting a gas station employee on Oct. 7 and 15 days (consecutive) for damage to property.

He was given credit of seven days for time served, leaving 68 days left to spend in jail.

Chief Judge Nancy Orr ordered Levi to follow recommendations in a Gladue report, including that he participate in traditional ceremonies.

The Gladue report is a pre-sentence or bail hearing report, usually prepared by Gladue caseworkers at the request of the judge, defence counsel or Crown attorney.

These reports contain recommendations to the court about what an appropriate sentence might be and include information about the Aboriginal person's background such as history regarding residential schools, child welfare removal, physical or sexual abuse, underlying developmental or health issues, anxiety or substance use.

Orr also ordered Levi to write letters of apology to each of the two officers that he threatened, as well as to the person he assaulted.

Levi, who showed up for a court appearance last week “under the influence’’, told court Monday that he plans to continue going to Alcoholics Anonymous when he is released from jail in hopes of bettering his life and enabling him to take better care of his children.

“I’ve got to stay away from alcohol,’’ he told the court.

Orr also reminded Levi that his counsellor feels it would be very beneficial for him to see a psychiatrist to address any mental health issues that may contribute to his criminal behavior.

Last year, Levi damaged a police vehicle following his arrest for public intoxication.

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