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Suspended sentence handed to young woman for stealing cheque

Inside a Provincial Court room in Charlottetown. ©THE GUARDIAN
Inside a provincial court room in Charlottetown. - FILE

A young woman was handed a suspended sentence for stealing from an employer where she was working through a school placement program.

Emily Duckworth, 19, pleaded guilty to snatching an $8 cheque from Island Hill Farm in Hampshire.

Duckworth will be on probation for 18 months and has been ordered to keep the peace.

“That means no more charges,’’ Chief provincial court Judge Nancy Orr to the woman.

Duckworth must also write a letter of apology to her former employer.

The court heard that Duckworth continues to follow her methadone program and is in the process of working off the community service hours she has been ordered to perform.

“There has been an improvement,’’ observed Orr. “That’s certainly to your credit.’’

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