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Summerside Police Services investigate purse stolen from vehicle

Summerside Police
Summerside Police - file photo

A window was smashed out of a vehicle and a purse was stolen along with a quantity of cash in Summerside Tuesday.  

Summerside Police Services say it happened shortly after 6 p.m. The vehicle was parked in a parking lot on Water Street in the downtown area. 

Police are investigating and are asking anyone with any information to call the Summerside Police Services at 902-432-1201. 

Summerside Police Services are reminding everyone to be extra mindful of what you leave in your vehicle, whether it is locked or not. 

“Unfortunately, this type of crime can be quite common during the holiday season,” Summerside Police Services stated in the press release. “It is a crime of opportunity, and it is always best to remove the opportunity to assist with prevention.”

Some suggestions from Summerside Police Services include:

- Park your vehicle in well-lit areas

- Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle (if you must, use the trunk)

- Roll up your windows, lock your doors and keep the car key with you


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