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Summerside man convicted of making child pornography

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A Summerside man has been found guilty of possessing and making child pornography.

Provincial court judge John Douglas will set a date Thursday for sentencing 32-year-old Waylon James Molyneaux.

Douglas said he does not call into question the reliability and credibility of a witness who testified to seeing photos on Molyneaux’s phone that were clearly pornographic.

Douglas said he is satisfied the photos were “for a sexual purpose…to cause sexual stimulation for the viewer.’’

He added the images created by Molyneaux constitute child pornography.

During the trial, the court heard from a witness who testified finding six or seven photos on Molyneaux’s phone of an underage girl, including some that had the girl’s buttocks, vagina and legs exposed.

Although the witness deleted the photos, the police were able to recover them from Molyneaux’s phone after he consented to let them search it. Molyneaux also told the police he took the pictures without looking at his phone’s screen and didn’t know what he was taking pictures of.

He didn’t testify during the trial.

The defence raised issues with how the police recovered the photos. The Crown didn’t submit them into evidence.

Douglas said the absence of photos does not reduce the credibility of the witness who testified seeing what she believed were child pornographic images on Molyneaux’s phone.

A publication ban prevents the release of any details that could identify the victim.

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