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Summerside gynecologist Henry Swart back to work following suspension

Dr. Henry Swart, left, leaves the College of Surgeons and Physicians office in Charlottetown Tuesday morning with his lawyer Tom Laughlin. Swart admitted to professional misconduct and a board of inquiry will make recommendations for disciplinary action within 30 days.
Dr. Henry Swart, left, leaves the College of Surgeons and Physicians office in Charlottetown with his lawyer Tom Laughlin in this Guardian file photo.

A Summerside gynecologist has returned to work after completing his suspension for professional misconduct.

Dr. Henry Swart was back on the job Wednesday, The Guardian has learned.

Dr. Cyril Moyse, registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of P.E.I., says Swart has fulfilled all of the requirements imposed by the Council of the College.

Swart had his licence suspended for three months effective June 3 after admitting to performing a procedure that a patient explicitly instructed him not to perform and one for which consent was required.

Swart performed a cystotomy, a surgical incision into the urinary bladder, in early 2017.

The doctor, according to agreed statement of facts read into a board of inquiry hearing in March, performed the cystotomy with good intent but in hindsight recognized he made a poor decision.

In addition to having his licence to practise suspended for three months, Swart was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine to the college and $15,000 to the college to cover costs associated with the college’s investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

The council also required Swart to successfully complete a course on informed consent and patient autonomy before returning to practise.

Swart has been practising medicine for more than 31 years and has been registered to practise obstetrics and gynecology on P.E.I. since 1993.

In 2010, the council placed him on restricted practice so that he was not to manage patients with cervical dysplasia.

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