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Stratford deputy mayor wants transit for Ward 3

Passengers get off the bus on Grafton Street in Charlottetown on Wednesday. While funding was recently announced for six new diesel buses for T3 Transit, the City of Charlottetown says it is interested in converting over to electric buses in the future.
Stratford’s average daily ridership on T3 Transit was 244 people for the month of July, up from 165 in June and the highest it’s been since 2014. - Dave Stewart

STRATFORD — Stratford's deputy mayor wants to see access to public transit for his ward.
Gary Clow represents Ward 3, which includes everything in Stratford past Kinlock Road below the Trans-Canada Highway, and past Mason Road and East River Drive above the highway. Ward 3 has a population of about 3,000, Clow said.
“We’re paying the same taxes as everyone else.”
He spoke on the matter during the town's council meeting Aug. 14, whereCoun. Derek Smith said Stratford’s average daily ridership was 244 people for the month of July, up from 165 in June and the highest it’s been since 2014.
“We’re skyrocketing up,” Smith said.
Ridership largely consists of Stratford residents commuting into Charlottetown for work and to save money, Smith said.
T3 Transit’s bus routes include the Mason and Kinlock roads, but leave much of Ward 3 unserved, Clow said. 
Those who want to catch the bus into Charlottetown would have to drive to the nearest bus stop at the Stratford Sobeys and leave their cars in the parking lot, he said.
“I know there’s people there that would use it.”
CAO Robert Hughes agreed with Clow, but noted Ward 3 will have to be patient.
“It will be some time before that happens," Hughes said. 
Adding this additional route was discussed at a recent meeting between council members and T3 Transit, but an extra bus is needed in order to begin test runs, which would be expensive. Ward 3 isn’t the only area just outside transit’s reach, Hughes said.
“There are a couple areas in Charlottetown that aren’t serviced as well.”
T3 Transit announced on Aug. 12 that buses will soon be making Saturday runs into Stratford. These additional runs will cost an additional $10,000 per day, Hughes said.
“Which I think is absolutely great,” Clow said.
Regardless, Clow said he’d bring this issue up at every council meeting until something moves forward. 
“It should (cover) all of Stratford,” he said. “Whatever it costs, I think we have to make it happen.”

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