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Small bag of cocaine nets $500 fine for P.E.I. man

Cocaine sold to several people in Saskatoon was laced with fentanyl, which was believed to have caused two deaths and sent four others to hospital last weekend; one person is in a coma. Saskatoon police took the unusual move of naming the drug dealer, and urged anyone who purchased cocaine from that person to turn it in, no questions asked. — Stock photo
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The cocaine was only worth about $10, but possessing the illegal drug cost George MacKenzie Brookins hundreds.

Brookins, 31, was fined $500 for possession of a controlled substance.

He was charged after police found a small bag of cocaine in his wallet on April 13.

He told police that he picked the bag up off the floor of his store, but did not know what the substance was.

Brookins, however, pleaded guilty in court Monday to the possession charge.

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