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Release revoked for repeat sex offender from P.E.I.

Scales of justice.
Scales of justice. - SaltWire Network

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A Kensington man who was convicted of sexually assaulting two women he met through a dating website has been sent back to prison after violating conditions of his release.

Jeffrey Lea Hogg was sentenced in 2016 to 40 months in prison for what was his second sexual assault conviction in four years.

Hogg was out on a statutory release when the Correctional Service of Canada suspended it in September after he breached a condition related to a ban on internet use.

In a recent decision, the Parole Board of Canada said it was clear Hogg repeatedly proved he was incapable of using program-related skills and knowledge that targeted his sexual offending risk factors.

“This is illustrative of the significant caution which the board must exercise when considering any possible return to the community,” the board said.

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Hogg met his most recent victim through the dating website, Plenty of Fish, in 2015, and she testified he sexually assaulted her on a boat while her daughter was in a stroller nearby.

He was on parole at the time for a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a different woman he met through Plenty of Fish.

That victim testified Hogg raped her in the back of his truck while it was parked in a field.

Hogg lied to both women about his name, saying it was Adam in one case and Chris MacDonald in the other.

He was released from prison on his current sentence after a Parole Board of Canada decision in February imposed several conditions on his statutory release.

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In its recent decision, the board said the police pulled Hogg over after he failed to stop at a stop sign.

A search of his vehicle turned up a phone that could connect to the internet, which was a breach of a release condition.

The board said Hogg had also been involved in a relationship for several months, which he didn’t report and breached a condition of his release.

Hogg denied having an intimate partner, but the woman confirmed it and told Correctional Service of Canada she was surprised to learn who he was because Hogg had given her a false name, the board said.

During his release, Hogg lied about having internet service at his apartment, which the board said was discovered when a bill for phone, cable and internet was found while his apartment was being cleaned out.

While Hogg was serving his sentence, he completed several programs for sex offenders, including one he finished outside of prison about a month before his release was suspended.

The board said it was alarmed by Hogg’s actions to access the internet, create a Facebook account under a false name and use it to start and carry on a relationship with a woman.

All of his behaviours were indicative of a return to his criminal cycle and showed “striking similarities” to his most recent offence, the board said.

The board said Hogg’s levels of accountability and motivation are rated as low and his re-integration potential has been decreased from medium to low.

A specialized sex offender assessment from January showed Hogg’s risk of sexual violence relative to other sexual offenders was considered above average, the board said.

During his next statutory release, Hogg will be under several conditions, including that he not own, possess or use any device that allows unsupervised access to the internet.

Hogg must report any intimate sexual or non-sexual relationships with females.

He must also follow a treatment plan or program related to sexual deviancy.

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