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RCMP looking into allegation of incident in Mill River resort pool

RCMP. -File photo

Guest removed from premises

MILL RIVER - A guest was removed from the premises of Mill River Experience last Saturday following allegations of an incident in the resort’s pool the previous evening.

West Prince RCMP is now investigating an allegation that a 60-year-old man had removed the swim trunks of a nine-year-old boy.

Geoffrey Irving, a resort director, said the allegation was brought to the attention of a pool staff person who reported it to the resort’s general manager on Friday evening.

He said the individual who made the allegation was asked if she wanted to contact the RCMP.

She did so the following morning.

The RCMP responded at that time and the company for whom the guest was employed was contacted and subsequently ordered the man removed from the premises.

“Now it’s in the RCMP’s hands,” Irving said.

The individual, he said, was a guest of the resort while employed for a construction company that was performing work in the West Prince area.

Irving said the pool is staffed and monitored. He felt the staff handled the reporting of the incident appropriately.

The RCMP reported Tuesday that the man’s employment was terminated.

Prince District RCMP Corporal Craig Eveleigh said the investigation is still in the early stages. He said they don’t believe the boy was physically assaulted but they want to determine if there was a component of a sexual assault.

“We are going to try to talk to the family and find out exactly what happened,” he said.

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