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RCMP advises public about new bracelet rules for Cavendish Beach Music Festival

The RCMP are warning residents of scam callers claiming to be the Canadian Revenue Agency. - -File photo

The Cavendish Beach Music Festival starts this weekend and the RCMP want to let the public know about the new bracelet rules that will be enforced this year.

The new rules state that if a festival goer lose their privilege and has their bracelet removed, they will not be able to pick up a new one the next day without an additional purchase. Loss of bracelet means that person is out for the duration of the weekend.

With regards to ID, just because someone might look 19 years of age, it doesn’t mean they will be served alcohol. A liquor bracelet must be shown to be served, so people should make sure they have their ID and take the time to get their bracelet before heading to the bar.

Make good choices and have a great #CBMF2018.

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