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Public consultation to be held in Charlottetown log home debate

Ray Campbell, who owns a log home on Hillsborough Street in Charlottetown, stands by a part of the structure he took down before the city filed a court injunction ordering him to stop. He and the city now have 10 days to come to a resolution on the matter.
Charlottetown council unanimously passed a resolution to allow public consultation on whether the log home on Hillsborough Street owned by Ray Campbell should be delisted as a heritage property. -File

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The debate over the heritage status of the log home at 15 Hillsborough St. in Charlottetown is going to the public.

The home's owner Ray Campbell has applied to the city's planning board to delist the property as a heritage home, and on Monday council unanimously passed a resolution to allow public consultation on the topic.

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Coun. Mitchell Tweel spoke about the issue and asked for some historical context.

“I keep reading in the media that… the City of Charlottetown has never delisted a heritage property. Is that a fact or a fallacy?”

Coun. Greg Rivard clarified that delisting has happened in the past.

“We did delist one in the past on Fitzroy Street," said Rivard. "The home was moved, then it was relisted.”

Rivard believes Glendenning Hall was also delisted a number of years ago.

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When Campbell recently spoke to The Guardian, he said the log home was decaying and he was told the odds are stacked against him on delisting.

The public meeting on the future of the log home will take place Aug. 29.

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