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PRICE WATCH: Coffee costs

Starbucks latte costs.
Starbucks latte costs.

Most coffee drinkers have a sense of how pricey, or not, a Starbucks latte seems, but how extravagant is that cup of coffee in other countries?

Consumer research group ValuePenguin took the price of a small Starbucks latte in 39 countries and then adjusted it to reflect the cost of other goods and services there.

In those priciest of countries for a latte, the drink can be seen as a measure of how relatively inexpensive many other goods and services are there.

Here are the countries where a tall (small) Starbucks latte is most costly or extravagant.  

You see all the findings here.

Canada: $3.06

U.S. $2.75

Russia: $12.32

Indonesia: $8.21

Vietnam: $8.18

Thailand: $8.04

India: $7.99

Egypt: $7.59

Malaysia: $7.23

China: $7.18

Saudi Arabia: $7.08

Poland: $6.74

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