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Pitch being made for government-run cannabis store for Alberton

The provincial government is setting the legal age for the purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis at 19.
Alberton is pitching a government-run cannabis store for the town. -File

ALBERTON, P.E.I. - Alberton Town Council is making a pitch to the provincial government for a government-operated cannabis store.

Mayor Michael Murphy brought up the idea during the January meeting of council and recommended the town apply.

“It’s economic development; it’s no different than a liquor store,” the mayor reasoned. Council backed the recommendation unanimously.

Councillors did question, however, whether a cannabis store really needs to be a free-standing facility.

“I don’t believe it should be a separate building,” Coun. Alan Curtis stated. 

Coun. Blair Duggan noted the town has an aging liquor store that needs replacing, and Murphy suggested the province could put up one building to house both services.

But Duggan had even bigger ideas. He said the Access P.E.I. building in Alberton is in need of an update, too. He suggested a strip-mall-type building to house all three entities.

The town will add that proposal to its request.

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