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P.E.I. man who made threats, harassing phone calls gets time served

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CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A P.E.I. man who threatened to kick his employer’s head in and called police dispatch about 40 times was given time served recently in provincial court in Charlottetown.

Shamus Patrick McCourt, 39, appeared before Judge John Douglas for sentencing on multiple charges, including resisting arrest.

The court heard the first incident involved McCourt going to a Greco restaurant where he worked, making a mess in the bathroom and being rude to customers and staff.

His employer told him to leave, which McCourt did, but when he returned a short time later his boss fired him.

McCourt later called his employer 24 times over three hours, threatened to kick his head in and sent him a text message that read “dead man walking.”

In a separate incident, McCourt called police dispatch about 40 times.

During one of the calls he made reference to a “present” that was going to go “boom.”

When the police arrested him, McCourt assaulted an officer.

He threatened to bite the police and said they would have to shoot him in the head to get him to release them.

The police also had to put a spit mask on McCourt after he threatened to spit on them.

Crown attorney Lisa Goulden said an assessment suggested McCourt had bipolar disorder, but there was no finding that he wasn’t criminally responsible for his actions.

Before delivering a sentence, Douglas said a report provided to the court showed McCourt was largely non-compliant with taking his medication.

Douglas sentenced McCourt to 75 days in custody for the incident at the Greco and 30 days to be served concurrently on all other charges.

After credit for time served, McCourt had no more time left on his sentence.

McCourt will be on probation for 18 months during which time he will be subject to electronic monitoring if directed.

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