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P.E.I. man who had stolen vehicle jailed


A P.E.I. man who drove to New Brunswick with a co-accused woman and two witnesses in a stolen vehicle was sentenced recently to six months in jail.

Brandon Jeffery Quinn, 21, appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr in provincial court in Charlottetown where he pleaded guilty to possessing stolen property.

The court heard the offence dated back to October 2018 when a woman reported someone stole her vehicle after she left it unlocked with the keys in it overnight.

Quinn and his co-accused Hailey May Dawn Doiron, 18, had the stolen vehicle when they drove to New Brunswick with two other people.

The court heard they were heading to Nova Scotia, at one point stopping and letting the witnesses out after telling them the vehicle was stolen.

After the theft, the victim had to change the locks on her home because the house key was with the vehicle keys.

Quinn was sentenced in February to two years less a day for a string of offences and will serve the six months concurrent to any other time.

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