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P.E.I. man takes shower in stranger's home; judge orders mental health assessment

PEI court
P.E.I. provincial court

A P.E.I. man who the Crown says has been exhibiting “somewhat bizarre” behaviour that included taking a shower in a stranger’s home was recently ordered to undergo a mental health assessment. 

John Tyson Boudreault, 23, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where the Crown sought the assessment and raised concerns about the accused’s behaviour.

During Tuesday’s proceedings, Diamond sought an order to have Boudreault assessed for his fitness to stand trial and his criminal responsibility for several offences.

Boudreault, who remains in custody, previously pleaded guilty to multiple offences, including assaulting a police officer.

Diamond told the court a pre-sentence report prepared for the case indicated Boudreault’s behaviour at the provincial jail was described as unpredictable.

A psychiatrist’s opinion included in the report said Boudreault was likely psychotic and probably schizophrenic. 

Detailing some of Boudreault’s behaviour, Diamond said Boudreault randomly attacked a man in his 80s causing “significant” injuries to the victim who had to be hospitalized.

'Somewhat bizarre' 

In another incident, Diamond said Boudreault unlawfully went into a dwelling where he decided to take a shower. 

The court heard Boudreault didn’t know the owners. A woman was in bed at the time while her husband had gone out for coffee.

Diamond told the court the Crown asked the police for a summary of Boudreault’s behaviour over the last few months, and they described it as “somewhat bizarre.” 

Boudreault’s behaviour is aggressive, he carries weapons and several times the police have found him with cuts he appears to have inflicted on himself, Diamond said.

The court also heard Boudreault was previously placed in hospital in Alberta for a 30-day assessment, but the Crown in P.E.I. hasn’t been able to get any details of what it found.

Diamond said not all of Boudreault’s offences have ended in criminal charges, but his behaviour causes concern.

Defence lawyer Thane MacEachern said he spoke to his client about the Crown’s request, but Boudreault did not consent.

Boudreault gave clear instructions to oppose the Crown’s application, MacEachern said.

After hearing the submissions, Douglas said that although there wasn’t a medical report presented to the court, there was evidence a psychiatrist felt Boudreault was unwell and a high-risk patient.

Douglas referred to the order for an assessment in Alberta and he said the court there was satisfied there was a need for one.

He ordered Boudreault to undergo an assessment.

Boudreault’s next court date is scheduled for Sept. 18.


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