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P.E.I. man found hiding in woman’s closet pleads guilty

Romey Anthony Harper told victim he went in her apartment to let her cat inside


A P.E.I. man who was hiding in a woman’s closet when she came home and found him there will be back in court tomorrow to hear his sentence.

Romey Anthony Harper, 51, appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr in provincial court in Charlottetown earlier this month where he pleaded guilty to being unlawfully in a dwelling and failing to attend court.

Crown attorney Jeff MacDonald told the court that on Aug. 27, 2018, the victim returned home at around 3 p.m. and felt like someone might be in her apartment.

The woman grabbed a kitchen knife and started looking around.

MacDonald said when the victim went to her bedroom, she saw her cat looking at the closet where Harper was hiding.

Harper was the victim’s neighbour and apologized, telling her he went into her apartment to let her cat in.

MacDonald said Harper told the police he was just looking around the apartment to make sure the woman wasn’t hurt after seeing her door was open.

Harper told police he didn’t want to scare the woman, so he stayed in the closet.

MacDonald said the victim told police her door wasn’t left open.

Harper also missed a court appearance and he has been in custody since Feb. 8.

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