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P.E.I. infanticide case adjourned again over delay in mental health assessment


The Crown is concerned about “repeated delays’’ in the preparation of a mental health assessment report of a woman facing infanticide charges.

Crown attorney Valerie Moore raised her frustration Tuesday in provincial court as Shannon Dawn Rayner’s case was adjourned to March 15.

Judge John Douglas issued a new order in early February to get a mental health assessment report on Rayner, who is facing two charges of infanticide for alleged offences dating back to 2014 and 2016. She also faces two counts of failing to seek assistance in child birth and two counts of disposing of a child’s body with intent to conceal the fact it had been delivered.

Rayner was also charged recently with theft and breaching an undertaking.

The conditions of her release include attending all medical appointments as required, taking prescription medications as directed and reporting to the Charlottetown police weekly.


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