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P.E.I. going green, tracking emissions

P.E.I. is working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. GHGs contribute to the greenhouse effect, depicted here in red.
P.E.I. is working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. GHGs contribute to the greenhouse effect, depicted here in red. - 123RF Stock Photo

Greenhouse gas reporting will help fight climate change, province says


The provincial government will begin tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its operations, in an effort to lower emissions.

As part of its initiative to green government, Prince Edward Island has joined The Climate Registry, a non-profit governed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories.

The Climate Registry will provide resources and support, allowing the province to measure and report its GHG emissions. Work is underway and results are estimated to be available next fall, a statement Thursday from the government indicated.

"Our climate is impacted by every decision that we make as individuals and as a government. It is important that we do what we can across government to lead by example,” said Environment Minister Brad Trivers. “That means completely understanding our greenhouse gas emissions and declaring our efforts to reduce them.

“Joining the Climate Registry is an important first step toward helping us truly understand government’s emissions profile.”

The minister said the government can then identify and put into action opportunities to reduce GHGs.

By the numbers

P.E.I.’s GHGs in 2017:

  • Transportation: 47 per cent
  • Buildings: 20 per cent 
  • Agriculture: 23 per cent
  • Industry: 7 per cent
  • Waste: 4 per cent

“The Climate Registry applauds (P.E.I.’s) leadership in the fight to combat the climate crisis,” said executive director Amy Holm. “We are delighted to welcome P.E.I. into our diverse community of North American organizations who are not only leading by example but realizing the environmental and economic benefits of managing their carbon footprints.”

Last year the province released a five-year Climate Change Action Plan that provided a roadmap for P.E.I. to adapt to climate change and reduce GHG emissions.

Progress updates on government’s efforts to address climate change will be routinely shared with the public.

The 2018-2019 progress report for the Climate Change Action Plan 2018-2023 is now available at: https://www.

Prince Edward Island’s overall province-wide GHG emissions were 1.8 megatonnes (Mt) in 2017. Emissions have been about the same since 2013, even though the population and economy have grown. Currently, P.E.I. is 25 per cent of the way towards the target laid out in the Climate Leadership Act, 1.2 megatonnes.

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