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P.E.I. fuel prices take unscheduled drop Tuesday

P.E.I. gas prices. (File image)
P.E.I. gas prices. (File image)

Prices for gasoline, home heating oil, and diesel were all slashed overnight, two days before the regular price adjustment.

Effective at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, gas prices decreased by 5.5 cents per litre.

Furnace and stove oil prices dropped by 5 cents per litre.

Diesel prices were cut by 5 cents per litre.

Including adjustments for taxes, pump prices for regular gas at self-serve outlets will now range from 112.8 to 114 cents per litre.

The maximum price for furnace oil is now 85.5 cents per litre plus tax.

Pump prices for diesel will range from 122.1 to 123.3 cents per litre. 

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission usually reviews prices at the first and middle of each month.

“Significant decreases in the wholesale prices for gasoline, furnace oil and diesel since the commission’s last adjustment now afford the unscheduled price decrease announced today,” the commission said in a statement.

The commission’s next scheduled price adjustment will be on Thursday.

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