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P.E.I. company fined after employee passes school bus

['Charlottetown provincial court.']
['Charlottetown provincial court.']

An employee passing a school bus that had its flashing lights on landed a company in court recently after no one confessed to being the driver.

Deva Forestry Services Ltd. pleaded guilty in provincial court in Charlottetown to not identifying the driver of one of its vehicles when requested to do so.

The court heard that on Oct. 2 a school bus driver reported a truck passing the bus while its lights were flashing.

That truck’s licence plate was registered to Deva Forestry Services.

After Charlottetown police contacted the company its president said he didn’t know who was driving the truck but would check with the company’s employees.

He later told police no one took responsibility.

Chief Judge Nancy Orr fined the company $800 and ordered it to pay a $75 victim surcharge.

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