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Parole granted to P.E.I. man in prison for attempted murder

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The Parole Board of Canada granted full parole to Chase Joseph Douglas Aslantogmus.

Chase Aslantogmus must follow conditions while on release from prison

A P.E.I. man who stabbed his victim 14 times in a dispute over a pair of headphones was recently granted full parole.

In a recent decision, the Parole Board of Canada wrote it was of the opinion that Chase Joseph Douglas Aslantogmus would not present an undue risk to society.

Aslantogmus was sentenced in June 2018 to 37.5 months in prison, minus credit for time served after he pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

During his sentencing, the court heard Aslantogmus hit the victim in the head with a thrown baseball bat and repeatedly stabbed the man until his hand started to get sore.

Aslantogmus told police he was aiming for the victim’s throat.

In its report, the parole board wrote that Aslantogmus made progress since his incarceration, but he still needs support, structure and supervision to help in meeting his risk-related needs and managing his risk factors.

Aslantogmus was granted day parole earlier this year but denied full parole at that time.

While on day parole, he worked full time and showed emotional control in stressful situations, the board said.

There have been some issues during Aslantogmus’ day parole, including an incident in May when he reported using marijuana with a friend.

In August, the Correctional Service of Canada discovered Aslantogmus wasn’t taking medication as prescribed, but he has since been doing so.

The board imposed several conditions on Aslantogmus, including that for six months he lives somewhere the Correctional Service of Canada approves of.  

Aslantogmus is also banned from any contact with the victim.

The report said Aslantogmus was using marijuana daily when he committed the offence and further use of non-prescribed drugs could elevate his risk to re-offend.

The board included a condition Aslantogmus not consume, buy or possess drugs other than medication taken as prescribed or over the counter medication taken as recommended by the manufacturer.

Aslantogmus must also take prescribed medication as directed by a health-care practitioner.

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