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O’Leary’s chasing ball tournaments

["Ellis Field is limed and ready for what promises to be a busy season of ball in O'Leary."]
Ball field in O'Leary. ©THE GUARDIAN

The Town of O’Leary profited by about $10,000 from hosting eastern Canadian and national softball championships last year.

Finance chairwoman Carol Ferguson provided town council with an overview of municipal finances during its January meeting and indicated the town is on solid financial footing.

Ferguson said the $10,000 the town cleared on the ball events, which included a national under-18 men’s championship followed immediately by a junior Team Canada selection camp, does not include the spinoffs the business community enjoyed. She said all the businesses in town benefited.

O’Leary has been awarded an under-12 boys and girls Eastern Canadian championship for 2018. In his monthly written report to council, recreation director Jeff Ellsworth said that championship could attract 28 or more teams to O’Leary and area.

The rec department is pursuing additional championships, Ferguson said.

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