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Number of parking tickets decreases once again in Charlottetown

Parking commissionaires in Charlottetown, like Alexie Mireault, will soon be issuing parking tickets using electronic ITAP Mobile devices. The devices will also allow commissionaires and police to instantly flag stolen vehicles and those associated in missing person cases.
Alexie Mireault, a parking commissionaire in Charlottetown. - File

The number of parking tickets issued in downtown Charlottetown plummeted in January compared to the same period last year.

Commissionaires wrote a total of 2,014 tickets compared to the 2,747 they wrote in the same month in 2018. That’s a drop of 733 tickets. They wrote 2,503 tickets in December. It’s also the fourth straight month the number of tickets issued as dropped.

There were also 66 tickets issued under the nuisance bylaw, up from the 59 issued in January of 2018.

In addition, 26 tickets were issued under the dog bylaw, up from the 19 handed out during the same time period last year.

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