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Not-so-smooth inspection for Charlottetown sports bar

Valid operating licences are now being enforced in P.E.I. food establishments.
Valid operating licences are now being enforced in P.E.I. food establishments. - Contributed

Hil’s Sports Grill hit with warning letter by health inspectors over smoothie bar


A Charlottetown sports bar that had set up a smoothie bar was recently hit with a warning letter by provincial health inspectors.

Hil’s Sports Grill on University Avenue was flagged after inspectors performed a routine inspection on Jan. 17 and noted the smoothie bar wasn’t properly equipped with hand-washing requirements.

“They had to stop that operation until they get that area properly equipped,’’ said Kelly Hughes, senior environmental health officer with the Department of Health and Wellness. “They can still do smoothies in the bar area. They had been out in the lobby area, and it just wasn’t equipped to do it. There was no plumbing for a sink or anything like that.’’

The Canadian Scitec Trading Inc. on Longworth Avenue in Charlottetown was noted for a number of issues during a routine inspection on Jan. 7. The business was given a warning letter but only for operating without a valid food premise license.

The issues included failure to provide hand-washing facilities, failure to maintain food contact surfaces and utensils in a clean and sanitary condition, failure to use an approved dishwashing method, failure to provide adequate equipment of appropriate design for the specific activities of the food premises to ensure safe and sanitary handling of food and failure to maintain the premises and equipment in a clean and sanitary condition.

Health inspections conducted a follow-up inspection on Jan. 18 and noted that all issues had been addressed and everything was satisfactory.

Chatime on Queen Street in Charlottetown was hit with a warning letter on Jan. 14 for failing to have an employee present with valid food safety training. Hughes said the issue has since been addressed.

Pure Spa Inc. on Prince Street in Charlottetown was hit with a warning letter on Jan. 29 for operating without a valid license, but inspectors also noted the premises wasn’t providing hand-washing facilities equipped with single use liquid soap in a dispenser and single use towels in a dispenser or an approved drying device. The license has since been renewed while inspectors will be going back to check on the handwashing issue.

Ceretti’s Grocery & Hardware in Borden-Carleton, the Haviland Club in Charlottetown and Wine Kitz on Belvedere Avenue in Charlottetown were also hit with warning letters for operating without a valid license and all have since renewed.

Hughes reminds all food premises that the licensing period is quickly approaching again and stressed the importance of having at least one employee with food safety training.

“Make sure that your staff is adequately trained for food safety because there has to be one person at all times, beyond the owner. That’s an important thing that can help ensure that things are being done safely for your clientele,’’ Hughes said.

The P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission has also handed out a few fines over the past month.

The Beer Garden in Charlottetown was fined $250 on Jan. 15 for having a minor in the premises. The inspection occurred on Dec. 16.

The Mount Stewart Fire Department was fined $250 on Jan. 15 for selling unopened beer. The department was also cited for failing to comply with the terms and conditions on a permit. Inspectors were there on Dec. 31.

Michael’s Pizzeria in Summerside was fined $250 after inspectors noted on Jan. 6 that there was a staff member without a mandatory beverage service certificate.

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