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New bylaw caps monthly meeting length at Charlottetown council

Mayor Philip Brown gestures during the Monday, April 8 Charlottetown council meeting.
Mayor Philip Brown will need two-thirds of councillors to approve a meeting over three hours after a new bylaw was passed this week. - Mitch MacDonald

Charlottetown city council wants to make sure things don’t drag on at its regular monthly public meetings.

Council unanimously passed a procedural bylaw recently that caps its meetings at no more than three hours.

Depending on how much councillors have to say, how many questions they have and how many resolutions and bylaw readings there are, it isn’t hard to push the three-hour limit.

This procedural bylaw change doesn’t mean that things have to automatically shut down if the meeting hits three hours.

The council meeting can be extended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.

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