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National Revenue minister reviewing P.E.I.’s concerns over grandparents program

Family and Human Services Minister Tina Mundy is shown in the provincial legislature with Finance Minister Allen Roach. 
Family and Human Services Minister Tina Mundy is shown in the provincial legislature with MLA Allen Roach. -File photo

The national revenue minister reacted to concerns Friday raised by P.E.I. Family and Human Services Tina Mundy about a possible claw back of payments being given to grandparent caregivers.

Diane Lebouthillier issued a statement from Ottawa saying that her department is reviewing the information the province has sent to them about P.E.I.’s new grandparents and care providers program.

Earlier this week, Mundy raised concerns of a possible claw back of the Canada Child Benefit payments if grandparents were receiving the province’s new monthly $700 per child payment, which was being offered to some P.E.I. grandparents and caregivers who are caring for children that are unable to live with their parents.

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“We find this unacceptable,” said Mundy in a previous interview with The Guardian.

“These families are entitled to, and deserve, the support of both levels of government. Any decision to reduce benefits not only demonstrates a lack of compassion, it is counter-intuitive to our commitment to support families and children to ensure they receive the greatest opportunities to succeed.”

Mundy said she planned to reach out to Lebouthillier, Federal Families, Children and Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos and P.E.I.’s four Liberal MPs to tell them the P.E.I. government “rejects the idea of clawing back any benefits”.

In the statement, the federal minister says she is looking into it.

“The CRA is reviewing the draft information on the program submitted by the P.E.I. government on Feb. 7 in an effort to address the province’s concerns about the impacts of their Grandparents and Care Providers program,” said Lebouthillier. “The agency will continue a dialogue with P.E.I. officials to provide information and assistance in a timely manner and looks forward to holding more productive discussions.”

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