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More P.E.I. government services to be offered in French

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SUMMERSIDE – Summerset Manor in Summerside is set to start offering more services in French.

According to the province, residents and visitors to the facility will now be served in either official language in the areas of orientation, reception, long-term dental care and long-term care financial assessment services.

“The Acadian and Francophone community have continually expressed that having health care supports in their first language is extremely important,” said Health Minister James Aylward. “The move to long-term care can be difficult for some people so being able to speak in their first language can help residents to feel more at home and make the transition a little easier.”

The availability of French language services in person and online in various areas across government has steadily grown in the last seven years since the French Language Services Act came into effect. Under this act, French-speaking Islanders are guaranteed a number of government services in their preferred language.

However, the province has also been criticized by some in the Acadian and francophone communities in the past for not moving fast enough to expand the number and level of services available in French.

In addition to the new French services at Summerset manor, the province announced that Islanders are now able to submit their application to join government agencies, boards and commissions in either French of English. Islanders can choose which language they wish to submit their applications online through Engage PEI.

“I am very proud that our civil service continues to improve its capacity to offer more French-language services to Islanders,” said Premier Dennis King. “Acadians, Francophones and French speakers have an incredibly important place in our communities and we want to support them and their rich culture in the best way that we can. By working directly with the community, we will continue to enhance services to meet the needs of French-speaking Islanders.”

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