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Man who stole laptop from employee at Confederation Centre jailed

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A P.E.I. man who stole a laptop from the security desk at the Confederation Centre of the Arts and told a judge he has a habit of stealing was sentenced recently to 45 days in jail.

Adrian Steven Gallant appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown for sentencing on the theft and breaching his probation.

Crown attorney Emily Campbell told the court that in November an employee at the Confederation Centre reported someone stole his laptop off the security desk while he was doing rounds.

The latop was not recovered.

Gallant said he later saw the victim on the street and offered him a gold ring off his hand, but the victim wouldn’t take it.

He also told the court he has a habit of stealing but is working on himself.

Along with the jail time, Gallant will be on probation for 15 months and is banned from the Confederation Centre.

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