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Man takes 30 hits of acid before arrest by Charlottetown police

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A 41-year-old P.E.I. man, who ingested 30 hits of acid when he was arrested at Ken’s Corner in Charlottetown, was sentenced to five months in jail after he pleaded guilty to seven charges in provincial court in Charlottetown Jan. 25.

John Jason MacLean appeared before judge John Douglas and pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon, methamphetamine and marijuana as well as resisting arrest, failing to report to probation services and breaching a no contact order on two occasions.

He was also sentenced for failing to attend court, theft and breaching probation.

Between March 9 and Aug. 30, MacLean failed to report to probation services.

On June 30, MacLean breached his probation when he shoplifted a $6.99 package of razors from the No Frills in Stratford. Police found MacLean walking across a field and the razors were recovered.

On Aug. 8, MacLean breached his no contact order with a woman he had previously assaulted.

They were observed by police walking together on St. Peters Road in Charlottetown. When police turned their vehicle around to speak with them, MacLean went to the Ellis Brothers Mall while the woman fled on foot.

Police caught up with MacLean, who acknowledged they were together but told them it was a coincidence.

On Aug. 28, MacLean failed to appear in court.

There was a warrant for his arrest for failing to attend court. Police had also received a complaint alleging he had been involved in a break and entre Nov. 4 so police were on alert for him.

On Nov. 5, police received information that MacLean and the woman he was to have no contact with were together at Ken’s Corner in Charlottetown.

Police observed MacLean standing next to a vehicle. After seeing the police vehicle, MacLean bent down and snuck around the corner of the building.

MacLean was placed under arrest. He kept trying to pull away from police and they had to wrestle him to the ground.

They found a 12-inch blade and a Taser on MacLean as well as seven grams of marijuana and 207 methamphetamine pills.

MacLean attempted to grab the methamphetamine pills and throw them away.

Upon arrival at the provincial correctional facility, MacLean told police that he had taken whatever drugs he could swallow, including 30 hits of acid.

MacLean has a lengthy record since 1995. He also has more than $12,000 in outstanding fines.

Prior to sentencing, MacLean apologized to the court for taking the courts time.

MacLean said he has employment lined up upon release and in the meantime, plans to access programming and community service while incarcerated.

MacLean was credited for 150 days served since his arrest Nov. 5.

He was sentenced to serve an additional 5 months in jail and received a five-year weapons prohibition.

He must also pay a $500 fine and more than $1,200 in victim surcharges.

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