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Judge tells P.E.I. man he's lucky to be alive after crashing truck while drunk


Spencer James Newbury gets in jail, fine for Aug. 28 incident in Cymbria

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A judge told a young man he is lucky to be alive after choosing to drive drunk.

Spencer James Newbury got behind the wheel of his truck on Aug. 28 after drinking booze all day.

Driving at excessive speed, the vehicle spun out of control on Route 6 in Cymbria, rolling over with enough force to crush the cab.

Newbury was put on a stretcher and rushed to hospital.

While in hospital, he told a police officer the collision was all his fault.

He was choked up when asking the officer whether he had hurt anyone.

He did not. Spencer was the only person banged up because of his decision to drive while impaired. He could have suffered far worse than he did.

“You have seen the picture (of the collision scene),’’ Chief Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr said to Spencer.

“You are lucky you are here.’’

Spencer feels fortunate he did not injure anyone other than himself.

“There was no reason I should have done that,’’ he told the court shortly before he was sentenced to seven days in jail, handed a $1,500 fine and ordered to pay $450 to the victims of crime fund.

“I know that there are dire consequences to my actions.’’

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