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Judge calls domestic assault in P.E.I. 'high-end'


A P.E.I. man has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for a “high-end assault’’ on his common-law partner that included sticking fingers in her right eye socket.

Francis Louis Sheehan’s assault also included biting the woman on the face and punching her hard twice in the buttocks.

The Crown stayed a charge of uttering a threat but read into the record the fact Sheehan threatened to cut the woman’s neck with a knife.

Sheehan, 52, of Farmington has been in a common-law relationship with the woman for 28 years.

Both parties described the relationship historically as being a good one.

The victim said she would like to have contact with Sheehan when he is not drinking.

Sheehan’s lawyer said his client has not had a drink since the assault and has begun attending AA.

The court heard Sheehan turned heavily to alcohol a few years ago after being diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Chief Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr ordered Sheehan to refrain from having any contact with the victim unless given written permission from his probation officer.

“Your behavior is not acceptable,’’ Orr told Sheehan.

“It is a high-end assault.’’

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